After a difficult and trying selection process, we Goliard editors are happy to announce that the full Goliard staff has been selected! We editors sincerely look forward to working with such a talented (and undoubtedly hearty) bunch! While a photo of our stupendous staff of 33 will soon be posted, here is a full listing (with Wooster email in brackets). If you have questions about submissions, are interested in attending a workshop, or want an editor or staff member to peer review your work, please don’t hesitate to contact one of them directly–they are more than willing to help.

Goliard Staff '14-'15


Stephanie Sugars (ssugars15), Maxim Elrod (melrod15)


Dr. Leslie Wingard (lwingard)

Managing Editor

Chelsea Frey (cfrey15)

Consulting Editor

Eric Tonian (etonian15)

Layout Staff

Editor: Adrian Rowan (arowan16)

Staff: Taylor Grow (tgrow15)

Public Relations and Events

Director: Eleanor Tompkins (etompkins15)

Staff: Bianka Michalski (bmichalski16)

Art Staff

Editor: Philip Chung (pchung15), Anna Kruse (akruse16)

Staff: Claire Billingsley (cbillingsley16), Kim Palagyi (kpalagyi15), Lily Turovsky (lturovsky17)

Prose Staff

Editors: Shannon Dade (sdade15), Jacob Gabriel (jgabriel15)

Staffers: Anna Fleming (afleming15), Alex Wendt (awendt17), RC Worrell (rworrell15)

Poetry Staff

Editor: Jesse Tiffen (jtiffen15)

Staff: Eli Barr (ebarr15), Greta Hayer (ghayer16), Claire Ilersich (cilersich17), Ellen Robinson (erobinson16)

Film Staff

Editors: Elisabeth Abell (rabell15), Olivia Baum (obaum15)

Staff: Sam Huffman (nhuffman15), Mickey Osthimer (mosthimer16)

Music Staff

Editor: Leo Jones (ljones15)

Staff: Warner Brownfield (wbrownfield15), Mary Gagliardi (mgagliardi17), Margaret New (mnew15)