After a difficult and trying selection process, we Goliard editors are happy to announce that the full Goliard staff has been selected! We editors sincerely look forward to working with such a talented (and undoubtedly hearty) bunch! While a photo of our stupendous staff of 33 will soon be posted, here is a full listing (with Wooster email in brackets). If you have questions about submissions, are interested in attending a workshop, or want an editor or staff member to peer review your work, please don’t hesitate to contact one of them directly–they are more than willing to help.

Goliard Staff '14-'15


  • Kennedy McKain
  • Nan Denette
  • Channler Twymann


Public Relations

  • Emily Anderson
  • Sharah Hudson


  • Eleanor Linafelt
  • Will Courtney
  • Brendan Lemkin
  • Jeremy Smucker
  • Finn Schneider
  • Nicklaus Wilcher
  • Robyn Newcomb


  • Jules
  • Carolyn
  • Andrea Arts
  • Michael Dean


  • Pedro Oliboni
  • Sam

Poetry Prose

  • Channler Twymann
  • Nan Denette
  • Katie Reese
  • Dylan Reynolds
  • Megan Murphy
  • Margy Adams
  • Daniel Sweat
  • Grace Lu
  • Anna Halgash
  • John-Paul